Choosing Art for your Home in 6 Easy Steps

Choosing art for your home is a personal and exhilarating decision. People often get overwhelmed with the many options and styles available. We have complied 6 easy steps to help relieve your stress, and help make choosing art for your home a joyful and rewarding experience!


Art is classified into different genres based around the subject or style in which the piece was created. These genres include but are not limited to modern, abstract, and landscape. While it is important to remain true to your particular tastes, do not be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone and use art that represents a genre that you may not have considered in the past. If your style encompasses heavy traditional elements, it may not make sense to hang a clean line, modern print for instance. However, hanging an abstract landscape painting with loose brush strokes and unexpected pops of color might be the perfect complement to the design and will create a refreshing and unexpected break from the norm.

Source: Dyana Hesson (Limited edition print available at CoCo Milano's)

Source: Dyana Hesson (Limited edition print available at CoCo Milano’s)



Color is one of the most powerful and persuasive design elements when used correctly. Warm colors, such as yellows and reds, can create excitement, while cooler colors, such as blues and greens can create a more serene atmosphere. Use the existing colors in your design to help guide your art selections. By selecting art that uses colors that are complementary to those of the rest of your design, you can create a focal point which will draw users into the space. On the contrary, if you prefer less contrast in your space, choose art that displays similar colors to the rest of your design. This will create continuity and repetition throughout the space.

left bank

Source: Leftbank Art (Available through CoCo Milano’s)



Work with the shape and scale of your walls. Choose where you want to display art, and do not be afraid to fill the area appropriately depending on the scale of the space. A large wall deserves a large piece of art. Another approach to filling a large area with art is to group smaller pieces together into a “gallery”. Tall, vertical walls, like those that flank windows, deserve tall, vertical art, while longer, more horizontal walls require horizontal art. While not every wall within a space should be filled with art, meaningful and thoughtful placement of art can greatly enhance the overall design of an interior.

Source: CoCo Milano's

Source: CoCo Milano’s



Do not let the architectural style of your home dictate the type of art that you use in your space. Contemporary art can create a wonderfully bold and beautiful impact in a traditional setting. Do not be afraid to move outside of your comfort zone when choosing art for your space. The results in using contrasting styles are unexpected and dynamic.

Jillaine Jurchuk (Available at Coco Milano’s)

Jillaine Jurchuk (Available at Coco Milano’s)



Use artwork to bounce light throughout a space. Artwork behind glass can help brighten a space, especially if the artwork is placed on a wall that does not receive much natural light. The glass will act as a mirror and help bounce light throughout the space. Use caution when hanging art that is behind glass on walls that receive direct light, as this can create undesirable glare. With proper placements, art that is displayed behind glass can make for a lovely addition to a space.

Source: Leftbank Art (Available through Coco Milano’s)

Source: Leftbank Art (Available through Coco Milano’s)



Framed art can create unity among other elements of your design. Adding a frame to a piece of art may be just the thing that ties a room together. Use a wood frame that compliments the color of your flooring to bring the eye up from the ground and onto the walls. If you use a certain finish throughout the space, such as chrome, or antique bronze, use a frame with the same finish. This level of detailing will be subtle at first, but will create a cohesive and unified mood throughout the space that homeowners and guests alike will appreciate.

Source: Keri Chartrand (keriNicole designs) Information available at Coco Milano’s

Source: Keri Chartrand (keriNicole designs) Information available at Coco Milano’s


Art is a broad term, and encompasses many different elements which can be used in your design. Choosing the right art will enhance your space, and turn your house into a home. If you are still unclear or need help in selecting art, call or come in to CoCo Milano’s and we can help you make the perfect selection for your home and your style!

How to Mix and Match Patterns

Blue Pattern

Source: C.R. Laine

Our client, Kendra W, asked us the other day, “How much pattern is too much pattern?”

Like many things in design, it is often about personal preference. What is beautiful to one person may be overkill to another. While I can’t answer on behalf of someone’s personal preference, I can answer; “How do I mix and match patterns?” Although there isn’t an exact formula to mixing and matching different patterns in your design, there are a few rules of thumb to follow.

Layering patterns usually involves four main elements: Color, Scale, Shape and Texture.

The easiest way to start mixing patterns is with Color. This doesn’t mean they all have to be made up of the same colors; they just have to share some similar colors and tones. A large floral pattern, a stripe, and a check, can work beautifully together if they are in the same hue.

Colorful Patterns

Source: C.R Laine

You should have at least 3 different patterns minimum for one space to make it interesting. If you choose more, be sure to use odd numbers.

3 patterns

C.R. Laine

Vary the Scale from large, medium, and small. For example: The size of the pattern (a large geometric pattern vs. a small polka dot), as well as how much it is used in the room (an entire chair or sofa vs. a decorative pillow or throw.) Be sure to spread the pattern around the room and not just on one side of the room for a more cohesive look.

C.R. Laine

C.R. Laine

One of the most commonly asked questions when mixing and matching fabrics is: “What patterns work best with each other? There are many different Shapes in patterns that work well together. Here are just a few suggestions that when used together will help create a unified look.

toile geo stipe


Source: Design Manifest

Source: Design Manifest



Live Love DIY

Live Love DIY



Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Stipes animal solid


You don’t have to use only patterns in a room to be visually stimulating. Mixing and matching patterns doesn’t always have to be about bright bold color either. You can mix and match patterns using muted tones and Textures for a high design impact that is stimulating to both our visual and tactile senses.

Source: C.R. Laine

Source: C.R. Laine

Many fabric companies have made mixing patterns an easier process by creating “companion fabrics.” They have designed an odd number of patterns to combine harmoniously in one room. You simply choose your color palette and the patterns are already coordinated for you.

If you still can’t master the mixing and matching skills of pattern play, come into CoCo Milano’s. One of our designers will be happy to calm your fears and frustration and help you create perfect pattern harmony in your home!

The Upside to Downsizing {A Design Perspective}


People downsize their homes for many different reasons; relocating, retirement, expenses, empty nesters, reduce maintenance, or to merely simplify their lives.

Whatever the reason may be, sacrifices will have to be made, and style is NOT one of them!

We have put together some tricks of the trade to help you maximize your space and create an Upside to Downsizing! Here are a few helpful tips on how to have big style in a small space.


Source: Shea Home No Cal

Source: Shea Home No Cal

Source: VanBrouck

Source: VanBrouck

A dual purpose room is going to serve more than one function. In larger homes you may have had a room for each task. When utilizing space efficiently in a smaller home, it is important to maximize those functions in the space allowed. For example: The picture above (left) has an open space plan that encompasses a kitchen, a table and a living room. The picture on the right combines a laundry area with a craft/office area. With proper space planning, beauty and function can be achieved.



Source: Jeanne Finnerty

Source: Jeanne Finnerty

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Apartment Therapy

When downsizing your home, organization is the key! People often have years worth of items they have collected. Creative storage solutions will play a large role in being able to hang on to those belongings with out cluttering up your new smaller home. Built-ins will be your best friend. Customized furniture will ensure that all pieces fit perfectly in your new space.



Source: Jado Decor Pty Ltd

Source: Jado Decor Pty Ltd

Source: Uttermost

Source: Uttermost

Rooms tend to feel larger when decorating with mirrors. Mirrors help to reflect light and square footage, giving the appearance of a larger room. You might try replacing solid closet doors with mirrored doors or prop an over-scaled mirror against a wall to reflect the entire room and it’s contents. Use mirrored furniture to give a suggestion of more light and space.



Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

small stools

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Just because you down size homes doesn’t mean you down size guests. It is important to have additional seating, but keep the flow of the room open and not obtrude your focal points or your flow of traffic.

Stools or ottomans work wonderfully in small spaces. Put a pair of small, backless seats, i.e.; stools, X-benches, or ottomans in front of the fireplace in a small living room to sneak in some extra seating without blocking the room’s focal point.

Utilize other wise wasted corner space with the use of built in banquettes.


There will be many challenges when moving from a large house to a smaller one. You will have to be creative and make wise decorating decision. If you are not confident in this journey by yourself, call or come into CoCo Milano’s and we will be happy to set up a consultation to help you with the decorating and organizing transition.

Interior Design Trends: Weave and Woven

Most people hear the word “Trend” and think of something short-term or momentary, but a “Trend” can also mean a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Some trends are often reinvented to stay relevant to the times. This makes them timeless and classic. Weaving is an age-old craft, but it has boundless potential!

Image Source: Elle Decor

Image Source: Elle Decor

With neutral color palettes on the rise, incorporating texture is a must to keep the room from becoming stale. Woven materials add richness, texture and warmth. They can be formal, elegant, or rustic. Woven materials are the perfect for indoor and outdoor decorating.

Royal Plantation Collection

There is an array of options available when decorating with woven materials or patterns. There are fabrics, furniture and accessories, just to name a few.

Some people often group rattan with wicker together, however, rattan is a specific material, hence rattan furniture is crafted out of rattan only, but wicker furniture may be crafted out of different materials such as bamboo, straw and even rattan. These can be both natural or synthetic. Natural and synthetic woven furniture can look interesting and inviting, adding handmade charm to any room. A little wicker goes a long way! The key is to use updated silhouettes.

gary riggs

Image Source: Gary Riggs

Below are some examples of traditional and nontraditional woven pieces you can incorporate into your room for a wonderful transitional look that will add elegance and effortless style!

For more woven design trend inspiration, check out our Pinterest board HERE!

Remember; it’s a mix of styles that help make a space your own! Let CoCo Milano’s create a signature look that is all about YOU! Call or come into the store today and we will help you get started.

Dyana Hesson; Limited Edition Print

We are excited to announce Dyana’s latest creation for immediate release; a new limited edition print.

Night Song

Night Song, white cactus bloom 30×30 giclee on canvas, edition of 50

This very speical print depicts a very special blooming cacti. It is a torch cactus whose blooms open at night and only last a day.

Anyone who purchases this print between now and January 1 2016, will receive a complimentary signed copy of Dyana’s hard bound coffee table book Radiance: the Paintings of Dyana Hesson upon it’s release in early January 2016.

Hurry in to purchase this stunning and exquisite print available for purchase and/or order at CoCo Milano’s!

We are also pleased to have Dyana’s Arizona Hot Shots on display and available for purchase.

Arizona Hotshots Giclee - 32" x 40" - edition of 50 - Cactus blooms on grey

Arizona Hotshots – giclee – 32″ x 40″ – edition of 50

May Basket Winner

Congratulations to Mary Weishaar. She won our May Basket Giveaway!

June 2015 winner

Mary’s day just got a little bit better.

Come into CoCo Milano’s and say hi. Be sure to enter for next months giveaway!

CoCo’s In The Kitchen with FOOD*BALL

Q7XS_W1wWhat happens when Food meets Football? You get FOOD*BALL… an exciting new 60-minute TV show featuring teens in a cooking competition.

The show pits two-member teams from high schools across the state against each other in the ultimate kitchen showdown. Contestants prepare two dishes for points. They are judged on taste, presentation, and creativity.

There are three judges on the show; Chef Jon Paul Hutchins, Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Hayley Gibbons, owner and creator of Cooking Sauces and Chef Gabe Garfio owner of the Sunnyside Breakfast Lounge in our very own Mesa, Arizona.

But what does this have to do with CoCo Milano’s you might ask?

1. CoCo’s had the honor of designing the kitchen stage set! You might even see some of your favorite CoCo Milano’s items on display.

2. CoCo Milano’s will have a commercial debut during the FOOD*BALL TV Show!

For our out of town guests and our seasonal clientele, we have included our commercial debut for you below. We hope you enjoy!


FOOD*BALL makes its television debut May 23rd at 4pm on AZTV 7 Cable 13.

Come into CoCo Milano’s and say Hi. We’d love to hear about any new projects you are excited about working on this summer!


Red, White, and Barbecue!

Invite your friends and family over, fire up the grill, and get the pool ready!

This weekend marks a few different reasons to celebrate; Graduations, Memorial Day and the “unofficial” beginning of Summer.

If you are entertaining this weekend, here are a few tips to help you set the stage and entertain your guests with a patriotic theme….

A center piece mixed with red, white a blue flowers are a nod to the American Flag, while the mixture of long grass is reminiscent of a warm summer day.


Start with a blue and white table runner or table cloth in a classic motif. Begin to layer your tableware. A nice way to introduce texture to your table is to incorporate woven plate chargers. They add a feeling of warmth and are a great way to convey the Americana vibe. Use decorative, unbreakable, polycarbonate cups and pitchers to add charm and durability. (TIP: Not everything has to be the American Flag pattern. Replicate the patriotic theme by incorporating the colors or shapes instead!)


Add a fun twist to your theme by using a small bunch of faux cherries as napkin ring holders. Display cherries in a bowl, in a centerpiece, or printed on cockatil napkins to add a bit of whimsy to your festivity.


Let guests take something home to remember the occasion. If you are celebrating a graduation, include a Thank You note to your guests for attending rolled up in the shape of a diploma. Or give each guest a miniature American Flag that they can take with them and display in a planted pot for the weekend or when the occasion should arise.

Still not sure how to decorate for your festivities this weekend? Come into CoCo Milano’s and our staff will be happy to help you put together that last minute centerpiece or find that unique graduation or teachers gift!


Over Lay

Create Your Art Gallery Wall


wallpaper banner


No. 1


Love pics lyt

Gather a collection of photographs you would like to frame. Or gather a collection of frames you would like to display.

If you have a mixed match collection of frames, create cohesiveness by keeping them all the same color.

If you would prefer to keep the frames in varying colors, unify the collection by keeping all the pictures black and white or sepia tone.



No. 2

Arrange and Center




Arrange your pieces on the floor to create a composition.

Start by placing your largest piece in the center, then moving it slightly off center to the left or the right, arrange other pieces of artwork around it either vertically or horizontally.

Leave at least 3 inches of space in between the pictures.






No. 3

Create and Place Templates



Using newspaper or butcher’s paper, trace and cut out each frame in your gallery.

Be sure to mark the locations where the pictures will hang.

Label the templates so you know which template matches a particular frame.

Using painters tape. Arrange your templates on the wall. Hammer nails into the template where marked.





No. 4

Hang and Admire


Replace each paper template with the frame and hang where marked. Stand back and enjoy your hard work!

Update or restyle frames as needed. Or change out pictures time and time again.





Want to know a secret?

We have an even easier way of creating a gallery wall in your home. It comes with its own template and the frames are included as well!

Come into CoCo Milano’s to see what we have to make your gallery wall installation as easy as……


PicMonkey Collage

New Sid Dickens – Exclusive Release

story book title
Story Book Tiles

The Storybook Collection will be exclusively released to all our CoCo Milano’s customers.

You can start ordering these tiles immediately!

These tiles will not be officially released to the public until May 12th!

Accompanying the release of the new Story Book collection, Sid Dickens will be signing all Storybook tiles ordered before June 30th, 2015. It has been quite sometime since Sid has signed a full collection so this is something special.




Retiring Tiles - June 30th 2015-page-001

Call or Come into CoCo Milano’s ASAP to place your orders for the Newly Released or soon to be Retired Tiles!

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~Denise Milano

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