Sid Dickens 20th Anniversary Collection!


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The 20th Anniversary Collection Released

20 years ago, from the dusty floors of a small studio in East Vancouver, Sid Dickens first brought to life his unique vision in the form of a 6″ x 8″ block of plaster. Today, in sincere thanks for your years of support, we proudly present this re-imagining of some of Sid’s classic early works, selected by the artist himself. This is a tribute to you; dear friends and dreamers.

This special limited-edition collection is an homage to some of Sid’s most popular Memory Blocks, spanning in inspiration from his 1995 to 2001 collections. Each of these pieces have been reworked to reflect a more modern twist on enduring themes such as Home and Eternity. Prince and Princess are now available in either a bold black & gold, or a soft pastel & silver finish, to suit the special prince or princess in your life. The Coloured Pinnacles block receives a fresh, retro-inspired pop of colour.

As the beauty of the natural world is never-ending, Sid finds new inspiration with each changing season, and delights in sharing it with you as you continue to build your personal collection. Rediscover the magic contained within these treasured keepsakes as together we discover what wonders the next 20 years have in store!


So… there you have it directly from Sid Dickens corporate. And, you’re probably wondering what the 20th Anniversary Collection looks like… Well, here it is!

Call, Click, or Come by the shop to order!

These tiles are available for a limited time with limited stock so we are taking orders now to ensure you get what you want for your personal collection!

See you in the shop,

New Items Arriving Now!

Here are a couple examples of new items arriving in store at CoCo Milano’s!

First up, these fabulous new baby items from Little Giraffe. So cute! See a small sampling in the photo below:

Little Giraffe

Little Giraffe

And, in addition we’ve got some incredibly comfortable and plush bedding complete with an amazing chesterfield-like headboard sure to add dramatic appeal to any cozy sleeping situation. Here’s a photo sampling:

New Bedding

New Bedding

Stop by the shop today and take a look at what is new and available for purchase for your personal space… We’re happy to work with you to add, change, or update your current decor and help you create the environment in which you’re most comfortable. Call, click, or come by today!


A Not So “Before”, But Very “After” Video

This week I’m sharing an “After” of one of my favorite rooms… See Video For More!

Learn how we put this room together! And, if you’d like your own set of Vietri Damask or Vietri Incanto pieces to create a similar look in your space, just click here to shop online!

Here are the Vietri items close up:

The All New 2014 Color Forecast!

It’s official… We are well into 2014! With the New Year comes the buzz and excitement about the new colors, the do’s and don’ts of the coming seasons, and the trend forecasts. If you’re anything like me, and you enjoy looking into the latest fashion and design trends, then I’m sure you’ve been “pinning” and “posting” all kinds of fun ideas about changing up your interiors. While I enjoy the pictures of beautiful birds that inspire color pallets as much as the next person, what they aren’t telling you is how to properly apply these colors to your rooms. While the marketing campaigns boast deep purple rooms inspired by an amazing tropical flower, I want to talk to you about longevity, timeless design, and how to apply the 2014 Color Forecast properly to your interiors.

The new “Reasoned” Color Pallet

The new “Reasoned” Color Pallet

The first of the four new color palettes is titled “Reasoned”, and for good reason! This color scheme is composed of gray, black, and white; very neutral and stable. It is no surprise that one of the color palettes is all grays. After a few rocky years in our society, we are screaming out for some stability! With so much focus on the economic state of our nation, we are constantly thinking about finances, numbers, and technology. In fact, it seems that our lives are overrun with technology, and with that we seem to be drawn to intellect. Smart and refined has become the new attractive, whether we are talking about mates, fashion, or interior design! Clean lines are making their way into our creative spaces; “transitional” design is taking the world by force! Plus, I’m sure many of you have heard that “gray is the new black”. What better reason to make a change to your interior?

Aside from the tech talk, you may just feel like you need a change after the many years of tan. I’ve spoken with many of our customers who have just about sworn off of brown! Which is funny to me because I grew up in a home with white and grey marble and white walls, so I was dying for tans and creams when I got my own home! I guess this is how many of you feel about wall paper, but personally I’m dying to put some up in my own home! So, if you need a change, and would like to keep things neutral, grey is your answer! Often times people associate grey with cold. However, as you can see above, greys can be warm or cool depending on their undertone. We can help you bring greys into your home without losing the warm feel you love so much about the tans. Or, if you do not want to lose the browns all together, you can mix them with the black and greys. That’s right! Don’t be afraid to mix these basics with the neutrals you know and love; your room does not have to be strictly black and white.


Browns and Greys can work together in the same space, stop by to ask us how to pull the warm and cool tones together in the same room!

The next color scheme is called Diaphanous. This feminine color palette is very apropos, since the female gender is holding most of the cards now a days. So, it is only fitting that a color pallet is created for this target audience. A recent poll showed that there is a higher percentage of women in our nation that hold a bachelors degree than men. This is quite a change from our world’s history! So go ahead . . . shout a little Woo Hoo! Girl Power! While this collection of hues is light and delicate by nature, when used properly these colors can make a remarkable statement in any room that is anything but forgettable.

2014 Color Forcast - Diaphanous

2014 Color Forcast – Diaphanous

Just because this grouping is gentler in appearance does not mean it cannot leave a lasting impression. Many of our clients are afraid to use pastels, feeling that they look juvenile, or too sweet. However, since this palette has a nice balance of cool and warm tones, it is a nice theme to build a room around. Another element that comes to mind when looking at this grouping is the use of metallic throughout the space. Whether it is by adding shimmer to your paint, a mirrored accent table, or mercury glass accents they are a nice way to compliment this wondrous concept. The example shown next is in a master bathroom we are currently working on. As you can see, we chose to use silver leafing on the bench, as well as the hand painted leather tapestry. The Diaphanous color scheme was inspired by geology, and colors found in fossils and stones. Which is perfect, because the flooring in this space is a beautiful onyx; we couldn’t have a better example of natural beauty and strength. The irony in all of this is that colors that are thought to be so delicate are found in some of the strongest forces of nature!

This tapestry is a wonderful representation of the Diaphanous Palette, both in colors and in content. Soft, natural, and unforgettable.

This tapestry is a wonderful representation of the Diaphanous Palette, both in colors and in content. Soft, natural, and unforgettable.

For the first time in millennia, our society is valuing happiness higher than money. This marks a huge change in our culture as a whole! We are tending to spend time taking adventures and traveling, rather that indulging in flashy cars. So, it only makes sense that this year, we are drawn to bringing some of the more exotic hues, to remind us of our ventures, into our homes. With that being said, I would like to introduce you to the Curiosity color scheme.

This color scheme inspires us the push the limit of interior design with colors that are a little un-expected!

This color scheme inspires us the push the limit of interior design with colors that are a little un-expected!

I know that often times we think of paint when it comes to bringing color in, but why not have some fun with an accent furniture piece? Chairs are a great way to add some pizazz to any interior! The chair featured below is a wonderful representation, and application, of “Blue Peacock”. This color reminds me of the ocean . . . my personal happy place! Just add some throw pillows to pull your color palette together and you’ve got yourself a room worth talking about! Plus this chair is incredibly comfortable! It is small in size, but fits you like a glove. Stop by the shop to try it out! It is featured in charcoal gray, which would also work with the “Reasoned” Palette.

Chairs are a wonderful application of colorful fabrics so you do not have to commit to such a large piece.

Chairs are a wonderful application of colorful fabrics so you do not have to commit to such a large piece.

Another way to use such a bold palette is through your art and accessories. The palette is urging us to explore and push the limits of design! Plus art is also a great way to commemorate your interests or personal adventures! The piece below is a giclee of an original painting by Dyana Hesson. It is a beautiful use of “Show Stopper” pink, but also has the essence of Hawaii oozing from it! What a fabulous way to bring that exotic sense of adventure to your home! She also is known for painting a wide variety of succulents, so her amazing use of color can be brought into your home, with an ode to Arizona if you’d prefer.

Stop by the shop to view this piece and others by Dyana Hesson.

Stop by the shop to view this piece and others by Dyana Hesson.

In America we have the blessing of living in a very culturally aware society, a melting pot so to speak. The last color palette speaks to that side of our lives. It is a reflection of cultural colors, from native to bohemian, being brought into our homes.

2014 Color Forcast – Intristic

2014 Color Forcast – Intristic

While the color forcast is a national campaigne, this color palette works especially well here in Arizona. I know what you are thinking, “This is the craziest group of them all!”, but its not! Below I will demonstrate how all of these colors work together marvelously in one room! I have found that many of my clients would like to take the colors apparent in our landscape and bring them into the home, and this pallette does just that. I came across a fabulous fabric that would be perfect for pulling this collection into your home. It’s vast array of colors makes it the inspiration for the room that can pull all of the elements together. This also shows you an example of how to apply these colors to your home, without over saturating the space with color. By keeping the sofa neutral, the possibilities are endless for your pillows and accent pieces! You could even have fun with your chairs, as I mentioned previously, and go with a colored fabric or leather to pull from the pillows!

“Sawdust” would make a great wall color to accentuate the other colors in the space!

“Sawdust” would make a great wall color to accentuate the other colors in the space!

I came across one last example while in my search, and it was too fabulous not to share! This pillow is another perfect representation of this color palette! It even pays homage to the worldly aspect of the collection! Another little tid-bit is that this pattern is also available as wall paper! How fabulous would that be?!

This pillow has a more cultural feel with its Asian Influenced Pattern, stop by the showroom to find out how we work this fabric into your space!

This pillow has a more cultural feel with its Asian Influenced Pattern, stop by the showroom to find out how we work this fabric into your space!

This year’s forecast has brought everything from neutral black and white to the bold turquoise and orange! So, while the groupings are vastly different there are some underlying similarities. They have all been inspired by great changes in our society. It has become apparent that we are all ready to shake things up a bit! They are all encouraging us to make changes that “define” our spaces, and make lasting impressions. With how busy our lives seem to be, we have come to cherish our time at home. So when we are there, we want to love and feel a connection to our spaces. Ordinary is no longer extraordinary. And lastly, they are all inspiring us the push our interiors to the next level! So, if you are feeling inspired and are drawn to any of the colors discussed please give us a call. We would love to help bring the “Wow Factor” into your space with elements that are wonderfully un-expected!

To learn more… contact CoCo Milano’s and get all your questions answered by phone: (480) 641-2626 or by  email:!

Amanda Billings
Allied ASID

The Finest And Most Unique Items Are Never Mass Produced.


Today it is nearly impossible to find unique high quality items for decor that are not produced in mass quantities either by machine or by cheap labor pools. This is one reason so much of what we see in the marketplace is lackluster…

One awesome way around the “sea of sameness” is to look for local artists and craftspeople who have a passion for creating their wares and do so often times personally and by hand or in”one off” processes.

At CoCo Milano’s… we have access now to 3 such creators all focusing on different items. And, now we’re sharing their creations with you!

The first creation is that of custom stone. We can work with you to have our artist add any custom image you’d like to stone tiles. This is a fantasitic way to add accents to your space! See examples below:

Of course, if you do choose to have custom stone imagery done on say, coasters… for example. You may want custom glassware to go along with it.  This brings us to our second creator and artist who does custom painted glassware (among many other items) like wine glasses and champagne flutes. See below:

Lastly, our third creator does fantastic work with boxes… When you think boxes, the words unique and decorative may not spring to mind, but these boxes are simply wonderful! Each one is hand crafted and different… They are absolutely fantastic original pieces that work to add visual interest to any room while keeping with the idea of using one off custom made items that will truly separate your space from the ordinary. Have a look at the items below and you’ll see what I mean:

All of these items are now available through CoCo Milano’s! Give us a call or stop by the shop and see what we have on hand from these fine local artists, and if you’d like we can tell you more about the artists and even order something specifically for you that cannot be found in stock or on a shelf anywhere!

Come by CoCo Milano’s today and support the local creators who bring so much uniqueness to our world.


Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

Welcome to the New Year…how are you enjoying our glorious weather? While others wade knee deep in snow and muck, winter is our spring…our time to play outdoors and soak up the mild temperatures while they last.

Royan 4-XL

See full size image in the gallery below!

With that in mind, are your outdoor spaces in need of a little facelift? January is the perfect time of year to maximize your patio potential, creating more living space and increasing your home’s square footage. Large or small, it doesn’t take much to bring your outdoor areas from drab to fab.

I always advise to consider your outdoor area an extension of your indoor decor. You can bring some of the same motifs and colors that you feature indoors and really make it as cozy. Plants and flowers are a great starting point.

For years, I’d plant succulents in pots. Unfortunately, desert creatures like the foliage just as much as I do and tend to eat them. So Amanda began making faux succulents for me – sedum, aloe vera and agave are a few. And it works so much better! If you’re really set on fresh florals, there are a few things you can plant to keep the animals at bay. The bitter taste/pungent aroma of geraniums, society garlic and curry work really well!

Furniture is another great way to make your outdoor space cozy. A lot of the patio furniture on the market today looks similar to indoor furniture. Even better, it’s made of cast aluminum which means it last longer.  At CoCo Milano’s, we carry the beautiful Summer Classics line. I love that their sunbrella fabrics are so easy to take care of and really hold up well in the desert sun.

Maltese 2-XL

See full size image in the gallery below!

You can create a nice space with something as simple as a small bistro table – perfect for enjoying your morning coffee! Or put down an outdoor rug, coupled with a couple of comfy chairs. My own home features a sizable courtyard area, so we have a table for four and a chiminea. I love shaking up things with dinner outdoors with a lovely fire going. Whatever you decide to do, the possibilities are truly endless!

If you need a little inspiration or assistance, of course, CoCo Milano’s is always here to help. Give us a call and we can help you select pots and plants, as well as grouping your outdoor items to create a comfortable space that you can enjoy anytime!

For some inspiration: Take a look at this gallery we put together for you! It’s full of ideas from the design concepts mentioned above. Enjoy!





The Independent Woman Luncheon Featuring Bunny Williams!

This past week Cathi and I had the privilege of meeting the world renown designer, author and business woman; Bunny Williams! In the world of design, Bunny Williams is an icon…

Having been in the industry for years, she has built a reputable company, attained regular features in popular home magazines, and has written multiple books! What a pleasure to meet such an inspiring woman. She was gracious enough to have a photo with us, too!

Cathi, Bunny , And Denise

Cathi, Bunny , And Denise

Bunny was the featured speaker at this year’s  Independent Woman Luncheon benefiting the  Phoenix Art Museum… It was such a joy to attend and spend time with some of the finest designers here in the Valley!

Hearing Bunny speak was one thing, but the tablescapes created by the various designers at the event was a site to see!

For this event, the attendees each had the opportunity to create a tablescape… In turn, these tablescapes were auctioned off with proceeds supporting the Phoenix Art Museum. All in all, hundreds of thousands were raised. And, we at CoCo Milano’s had the opportunity to contribute a table of our own! Here are a few photos:

Plus, we have photos from some of other aspects of the event and the creations contributed by various designers… This gallery will give you some idea of the variety of  creative perspectives present for the event:


January Basket Drawing Announced!

Happy New Year

We’re starting it off with a beautiful new Basket Drawing valued at 250 dollars!

January Basket

January Basket

The basket contains the following:

Set of Two Italian (Arte Italica) Chargers and Salad Plates
Vintage Door Knob Wine Bottle Stopper
Toothpick Holder
Potted Sunflower
Owl Picture
Bird Napkins and Guest Towel
Tealight Candles
Frog Key Holder
Set of Small Notebooks
Flower Ring
Memory Block Picture Holder

Call, Click, or Come by today to enter to win and start the year off right with fabulous items from CoCo Milano’s!


Holiday Traditions (Part 2) – Making Memories

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Our halls are decked and we’re anticipating the arrival of a certain Jolly Elf. And in the meantime, we have the company of good friends and family to help us savor the moments of this special time.

Time with friends and family...

Time with friends and family…

This year was our turn to host the dinner for the neighborhood progressive party.  What a delightful time.  We have been enjoying this tradition for eleven years now.  I was excited to change up some of my holiday décor this year to liven things up a bit. There is nothing like hosting a good party to get you in the mode to get things done.

A beautiful tablescape sets the tone...

A beautiful tablescape sets the tone…

A little holiday decor

A little holiday decor


A little more holiday decor

A little more holiday decor

Last time, I mentioned some of my other favorite holiday traditions and I’d like to share a few more. My family spends Christmas Eve with our good friends. For the past 20 years or so, we head over to our friends Jeff and Zona’s . We enjoy a white elephant gift exchange and celebrate into the wee hours.  By the time we get home, we are usually up until 4 a.m. wrapping gifts. In years past it was just enough time before our eager children would wake at 5 a.m. to see what Santa left for them!  Now that my son is older, we have to drag him out of bed to open up gifts. I have to admit the extra sleep is a nice change!

Santa has arrived!

Santa has arrived!

Even my dog, Coco knows this time of year is special. She gets excited when she sees me take out her own Sweet Dreams stocking because she knows it will soon be filled with treats for her to devour! I really think she loves this time of year just as much as I do!

Music has always played such an important role in our holiday celebrations. Part of our Christmas festivities include a party in which most of our guests are also musicians. Our home is filled with many musician friends and we almost always have live music to dance to.

Let's all sing...

Let’s all sing…

We were very excited to be invited to our dear friend’s, Ron and Troy’s, home last year. They have song books prepared with Christmas carols and we all sit around and sing together. Ron plays the piano and everyone joins in. They have friends that fly in from all over the country to attend, even New York!  I have to say it was magical.  We will be attending again this year and are very excited to add this to our list of holiday traditions for years to come.

The countdown...

The countdown…

Our last holiday tradition centers on New Year’s Eve. Since 1999, we host a party for our friends and family to ring in the New Year. As you might guess, there’s always music involved. The next morning, (late morning) everyone comes back over for brunch, some still in their PJ’s, except this time, all our guests work together to make delicious New Year’s Day frittatas. Potatoes, fresh fruit, and way too much bacon is always on the menu.  We’ll have mimosas and bloody mary’s, which my friend Michelle spices up with her own vodka infused with hot peppers! Of course there is plenty of football to go around.  It’s truly amazing!

Adult beverages, anyone?

Adult beverages, anyone?

I do hope that you are enjoying the 2013 holiday season. As always, CoCo Milano’s can help you create new ones with our selection of holiday decor, florals and so much more. I’d also like to take a moment to thank you all for making this another successful year and to wish you all the happiest of holidays!  Remember, it’s never too late to start a holiday tradition!  We seem to add new traditions to our list every year!  It is all about the memories that you create!


Holiday Traditions (Part 1)

It’s no secret – I love the holidays! What makes this time of year so special is enjoying the company of the friends and family I don’t see all the time. The traditions we create also make this time of year so memorable and something I excitedly anticipate as we come into the final months of the year.

For me, I love the wonderful aromas that come along with the holidays, in particular cinnamon and clove. In an instant, a hint of clove reminds me of my great uncle Johnny. He used to carry cloves in his pocket and I always loved that scent as a child. So when I decorate for the holidays, I like to place cloves into oranges, as well as simmer fresh cinnamon and cloves. I also make sure to have an Archipelago Joy  scented candle around my home. I love how these alluring aromas permeate throughout every room!


Archipelago is available in store!

When it comes to Thanksgiving, our tradition tends to be a low-key affair. Usually, we go out for a nice breakfast and later in the day, we’ll prepare a mini-Thanksgiving meal. It’s such a nice way to spend the day, instead of slaving away in the kitchen! This year, we’re doing things a little differently by hosting my husband Mike’s family, so perhaps we’ll add something new to our repertoire.

Plus, I like to save my energy to get ready for Christmas! Perhaps my most favorite tradition involves my best friend, Kathleen! Every year we make a party out of decorating for the holidays. We make cookies and apple cider. To liven things up, we like to try new drink recipes. It’s always so much fun with lots of memories made over the years. It also feels less tedious to “deck the halls” when you have the company of good friends to help!

xmas wreath

Get custom florals made in store with Amanda…

A simple way I like to spruce up my holiday decor is simply rearranging some of the things I already have. I’ll ask Amanda to put a new spin on my florals. And I can’t help but indulge myself by adding a new Woof and Poof character to my collection. Such a simple way to liven your space – and a time saver!

I’ll share more in my next post. But in the meantime…what are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Remember that CoCo Milano’s is here to help you create new memories this year and for years to come, whether it’s a new wreath, florals or pieces for your holiday decor!

Our Philosophy

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~Denise Milano

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