Transitioning Your Home Between Seasons

Just as we switch up our wardrobes each season, we should also switch up our home decor!  No matter your budget or style there are simple ways to help welcome the cooler weather into our homes. Take a look below at our tips on how to transition from season to season:

1. Swap out throw pillows
Swap out your living room throw pillows with fur pillows or pillows with a warm hue. A neutral couch is timeless because it lends itself to all the seasons with a quick change of the decorative pillows. Layering multiple kinds of pillows adds a dimension of texture that creates a feeling of warmth.

2. Change up your sheets
Make your bedroom cozier by removing the cool, crisp white duvets for cozier fabrics and warmer textures.
Sheets are relatively inexpensive now, so why not have a few different options on hand for the changing of the seasons?  Toss on a few blankets, even a faux fur throw to really get in the fall spirit!

3. Create Holiday Displays
Create pretty displays with decorative pumpkins or gourds or pine cones if you are able. Using natural resources, you can create warm and visually appealing displays. Combine candles with fruit, pumpkins, gourds or nuts and arrange them in wooden boxes and crates, plates, platters or trays and place them around your home.

4. Seasonal Plants
Buy some seasonal plants like mums or hydrangeas and place them by your entry way or mantel.
If you’re on a budget, go out to your yard and cut a few branches to create a beautiful fall-like setting as in the picture above. Hydrangeas in lovely glass jars, pitchers or baskets are the perfect transitional plant if you are in between the seasons.

5. Layer rugs and bring out the warm throw blankets.
An easy way to add warmth to your room without changing furniture or changing your color scheme is to simply add a few faux-fur throw blankets and layered area rugs! Adding some fur and layering rugs adds a feeling of warmth and texture. Who doesn’t love fur in their home for fall?!

So, are you ready for the fall season yet? We hope this post inspired you to start shopping for fall decor! Let us know what you think!

Denise, Cathi &
the CoCo Milano’s Design Team!


Ranch Home Redux

Ranch Home Redux
Author: Rebecca L. Rhoades
Issue: Phoenix Home & Garden August, 2016, Page 100

photography by Art Holeman

A taupe-gray wall color complements the dark wood flooring, light pine ceilings and industrial accents. The neutral palette allows the colorful furnishings and homeowner’s art collection to take center stage.

Building on a Previous Owner’s Renovations Gives Stunning New Life to a Simple Suburban House

When ranch-style houses first came on the market in the 1930s, they represented a radical departure from tradition. Modeled after the relaxed nature of true Western ranch homes, the open and casual structures featured all rooms on a single level, low-slung roofs, attached garages and sliding glass doors that connected the living spaces to the outdoors. The style had enormous appeal, and its car-friendly design was ideal for the post-World War II growth of American suburbs. By 1950, ranchers accounted for nine out of 10 new homes across the country.

Over the next two decades, large tracts of the houses sprouted up, especially in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, but by 1980, the style had fallen out of favor, replaced by larger, more ornate two-story homes, complete with pitched roofs, gables, bay windows, formal rooms and European design influences. Neighborhoods full of modest ranchers were viewed as lacking in style or creativity.

Today, ranch homes are enjoying a return to vogue. Homebuyers seeking simplicity in design and light-filled open spaces are snapping up the midcentury abodes, renovating them and taking them from retrograde to retro-chic with stylish updates and modern amenities.

“Staircase Picasso” (acrylic on canvas, 80″H by 60″W framed) by Brazilian surrealist painter Ferjo dominates the great room with its graphic imagery and bold, primary color scheme. The wall on which it hangs was originally designed to hold a TV, but homeowner Mark Shumate disliked the idea of having a TV in a room where people hang out and socialize.

In a South Scottsdale neighborhood, where streets and cul-de-sacs are tightly packed with the classic brick and stucco buildings, one stands out. Before they even pass through the front door, guests know they’re in for a special treat as they’re greeted with one-of-a-kind touches, including a front privacy wall of midcentury breeze blocks, a drive lined with corrugated steel panels, rusted steel roofing and a hidden entranceway in which wood platforms zigzag across a burbling pond.

“The minute I walked inside, I knew that this was a really great house,” says owner Mark Shumate, who first saw the home on the internet while on a three-week business trip in Asia. “I really wanted a contemporary house, and I had been looking all around the Old Town area, as I couldn’t afford one in Paradise Valley. I saw this online and had an agent go look at it for me. She said it was really cool and that I should tie it up.”

The house was the former residence of architect Robert Dean, who had been remodeling it prior to his death. Dean had doubled the original footprint from 1,500 square feet to 3,000 square feet and turned the home from a basic rectangle to a wide-open U shape, with a sizeable great room at its center. To the right of the great room, he had added an expansive master suite. On the left, he had carved out a secondary bedroom suite, another spare bedroom, a bathroom, a small library and a rectangular-shaped den/TV room with a sparkling metallic tile-clad fireplace. To complete the spaces, Dean had added all of the interior finishes, including flooring, cabinetry and lighting.

“Online, it looked like it had a lot going on,” Mark says. “It looked really busy with the wood ceilings and all the textures and materials, but when I went in there, I immediately had this vision of how I would decorate it.”

To make his vision a reality, Mark called on friend and interior designer Denise Milano. “The whole house had been gutted and remodeled, so when Mark found it, it was just this little gem sitting here,” she says. Mixing a variety of styles, including Modern, industrial and global, and using products and furnishings that were custom made or found at estate sales and consignment shops, Milano and her team breathed new life into the space, building on the former owner’s designs while making sure the space embodied Mark’s personality and passions. “Mark had five paintings that we worked off of to create the color palette for the house,” she notes.

Ideal for entertaining, the great room at the center of the home is split into two distinct zones: a seating area complete with an oversized yet low-profile leather sectional, and an open kitchen with clean-lined cabinetry that wraps around the back half of the room and a show-stopping concrete island with river rock detailing.

Milano painted the walls a rich taupe-gray, which allows the pine ceilings, high-gloss white cabinets, and silver and crystal light fixtures and accents to stand out while at the same time not clashing with the dark wood flooring or massive gray concrete island. “We were going for that industrial look,” she notes. “If we would have painted the walls a lighter color, the space wouldn’t feel as cozy as it does. It has a nice touch of drama.”

Mark agrees. “I’ve seen a lot of homes that have no color, and they’re very stark. I like color. It makes me happy.” This is evident in the large art pieces that decorate the walls. In the great room, an oversized surrealist painting by Brazilian artist Ferjo dominates with its bright primary colors, while a technicolor print of a grizzly bear anchors a wall near the TV room. A low-profile cream and red leather sectional on a dark-wood base freshens the room and keeps the focus on the art.

In the TV room, which is painted an even darker shade of gray, Milano pulled colors from an untitled painting of a ballerina by Kathleen Kinkopf to give the room a fun and funky midcentury vibe. Twin sofas in hues that match the wall color are decorated with pillows in vibrant shades of orange and teal, while a pair of metal-framed occasional chairs is upholstered in a fun orange hexagonal print. The textured metallic fireplace tiles dance in the natural light that floods the room through a large bank of windows, which overlook the front patio.

“This is just one of those places where every part is comfortable,” says Mark’s friend and frequent houseguest Skye Snyder. “Mark entertains a lot, and people can flow and freely talk in the great room as well as in the front patio. It’s all very accommodating and welcoming.”

In the bedrooms, Mark and Milano decided to go with a subtler monochromatic theme that harks back to the days of old Hollywood. In the master bedroom, a custom-made bed with a floor-to-ceiling headboard made of sleek, high-gloss black panels and silvery-black metallic vinyl is the focal point. Crystal chandeliers, plush bedding in shades of gray, dark upholstered furnishings and metallic accent pieces amp up the room’s star quality.

In the spacious master bedroom, rich, masculine colors are given a touch of glam with metal and crystal light fixtures and accessories.

“It’s modern elegance,” says Milano. “We started with the bed and went from there. Mark wanted a little glam. He likes metals and shiny items, so that why we have the chandeliers and velvets.” Adds Mark, “I like the mix of old and new. I also love crystals and those sorts of things. For example, I think that if you’re going to have a drink, you should use a crystal glass. It just makes the drink even sexier and more classy.”

On the opposite end of the home, in the secondary master bedroom, which is known as “Mom’s room,” Mark wanted a space that would be “more feminine, so Mom can stay there when she wants to visit.” Echoing the monochromatic feel of Mark’s bedroom, this room is decorated not in grays and blacks but in various hues of cream and gold, with mirrored furnishings, velvet and faux fur bedding, and plenty of shiny bling. “Overall, we wanted the bedrooms to be soothing, spa-like and a little more feminine than the rest of the house,” notes Milano.

From the front entrance to the bedrooms and every space in between, this remodeled ranch is anything but boring suburbia. “It took a lot of hard work and being very detail oriented to make something like this,” says Mark, reflecting on the previous homeowner and his design. “I think a house should be peaceful and should make you happy to be home. Whenever I travel for a few weeks, I’m so glad to walk through that front door. I feel very blessed to have found this house.”

The entrance to the master suite hints at the stylish elegance to come. A crystal ceiling fixture complements a pair of antique lamps that rest on a contemporary glass-topped console. The surrealist painting, “Diva Divers” (acrylic on canvas, 72″H by 40.5″W framed) by Kathleen Kinkopf adds a touch of colorful whimsy to the space.
The spa-like master bathroom is a symphony of a clean lines; cool, calming hues; and glistening accessories, including the metallic backsplash  and faceted mirrors that reflect light and shine like diamonds on the walls.
Known as “Mom’s room,” the guest bedroom is a lighter, more feminine version of the master bedroom.
Photos – Clock-wise from top left: Here, a monochromatic palette of pale creams and golds in sumptuous textiles, furnishings and area rug is accented by metallic accessories and similarly toned art.

The TV room features an eye-catching fireplace clad in textured metallic tiles. “They’re like little lights,” says Mark. “At first I wasn’t sure about them, but now I think they look great with the colors in the room.” Mark chose to decorate the space with bright accents of turquoise and orange—”I just love that turquoise color,” he adds. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood the room, while a glass door opens to the front patio, which is decorated in a similar color scheme.

Comfy seating surrounds a linear fire pit on the private covered front patio. “It’s a great place to relax in the winter,” says Mark.

Hidden from the street by a wall of steel paneling, the Zen-like entryway transports guests to another world. A bridge made of wood platforms spans a burbling water feature. “I’ve been in places that have entrances like this, and I’ve always liked them,” says Mark.

Color Your World

Color Your World
Author: Rebecca L. Rhoades
Issue: Phoenix Home & Garden August, 2016, Page 53

photography by Karen Shell

4 Design Teams + 4 Color Palettes = 4 Fabulous Looks to Fit Any Southwest Home

Are you craving a fresh, new look for your desert abode?
We tasked leading interior designers with sharing the color schemes they’re using right now that will give your house—or even a single room—updated appeal. We’ve even supplied the paint colors from each palette so you can coordinate fabrics, furnishings, art, accessories and more.

An ethereal palette of grays, mauves and plums brings the soft light of the setting sun to rooms.

Interior Designers
Alan K. Reinken and Davinder Chawla

The inspiration
“This is a whole new take that uses the colors of the sky as our inspirational note,” says Reinken. “It’s a fresh way of bringing the outside in.”

Why this color combo works
Whether it focuses on the multifaceted grays that make up a cloudy evening sky or the purple hues that envelope mountains as the sun sets, this palette is as equally at home in a traditional Southwest setting as it is in a contemporary design. “Today’s trend is lighter and airier, with more pastel and lush hues,” says Chawla. “In the past, we could not use white in the Southwest. Everything was yellow or beige. Now, white and cream are very popular, and these colors work with just about anything.” Reinken notes, “You can add two or three colors or intensities from this palette, and you’ll go from a simple gray and white house to something amazing.”

Cool grays, mauves and plums set the stage for a color arrangement pulled directly from a desert sunset. Interior designers Alan K. Reinken and Davinder Chawla express the palette in paint, furnishings and fabrics. “Once you pick a paint color, you can bring in the furniture, which can be in the accent colors, and then the art and accessories. Keep it neutral and airy, and you will never get tired of it,” says Chawla. Magenta-colored orchids and verdant succulents contrast beautifully with the sophisticated shades.
dark rusted tones of an iron candleholder
Chawla and Reinken accent their color scheme with various shades of metals and stone
Art and accessories in the color palette range from bronzes to paintings and from pillows to porcelain.
pale mottled grays of stone finials
Reinken and Chawla started with a large abstract painting that on first glance appears to be filled with rust tones but actually incorporates many shades of gray and plum. Some pieces, such as the silver metal sculpture with highlights of rust and gold, convey the warm side of hues. Others, including throw pillows in brilliant lavender, express the brighter side.

Try the new neutrals: the blues, greens, oranges and beiges found
in nature.

Interior designer
Denise Milano

The inspiration
“Look outside your window. These
colors are right there,” says Milano. “These are the colors of where we live: the blues of the sky, the oranges of the sunsets and desert flowers, the greens of the plants, even the light dusty beige of the desert and rocks.”

Why this color combo works
Never doubt Mother Nature. Her fresh palette flows effortlessly together for a timeless look. “It’s easy to bring in a single color as an accent to brighten up a space or to use as a background that can be played off of with other colors in deeper or brighter tones,” says Milano. “The colors of nature instantly give life to a space and make everything feel happy.”

The color scheme created by interior designer Denise Milano pulls hues from the desert, so it naturally pairs well with wood and metal furnishings. Adaptable to any room or space, the palette features bright and clean hues that lend a fresh, upbeat look to your home.
“Whether you prefer a soft blue-gray or a deep cobalt, blue is such a bright, fun color,” says Milano (right). The colors of nature—earthy beige, grassy green, sky blue and the bright orange and yellow seen in cactus flowers and sunsets—are hues emblematic of the Southwest. Create an indoor sunset by using cheery tangerine-colored pillar candles, or surround yourself with the cooling shade of the sky
The colors of nature—earthy beige, grassy green, sky blue and the bright orange and yellow seen in cactus flowers and sunsets—are hues emblematic of the Southwest. Create an indoor sunset by using cheery tangerine-colored pillar candles, or surround yourself with the cooling shade of the sky.
The fresh greens of nature can easily be added to a traditional Southwest home that’s decorated in browns and beiges. “Green instantly gives life and makes everything happy,” says Milano. “You can use a green that’s found in desert plants, or you have fun by going with a lighter, brighter green or a deeper hue.”
The colors created by Mother Nature complement other earthy elements, including metal and glass.

Create a calm elegance with subtle, nuanced shades of creams, grays and alabaster.

Interior Designer
Dana Lyon

The inspiration
“Our lifestyles are all about outdoor living and enjoying our backyards or our rose gardens,” says Lyon. “Sometimes interior color is overdone. If you keep it subtle on the inside, it allows the outside to be the main focus of your home.”

Why this color combo works
“These colors make you feel calm and cool,” notes Lyon. “They complement the natural elements in a way that gives a feeling of transparency.” Used in a traditional home, they allow architectural accents, such as dark wood flooring, or collections of antique furnishings to shine, while in Modern structures, their barely-there shades parallel the architecture’s minimalist lines.

Silver, champagne hues and crystal show off color in a very quiet way, according to interior designer Dana Lyon.
Harmony is important when decorating with a muted palette. Use multiple colors for visual interest but make sure all shades are of the same intensity. Warm and cool colors can work together.
Keeping everything soft and neutral creates a calm atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation and warm conversation.
Ever the gracious host, Lyon (right) is aware of how colors affect a room’s or a table setting’s energy.
She highlighted the alabaster hue in table linens as well as with a handcarved ivory found object from Turkey. Metals and crystal are additional sources of color in interiors. Here, antique silver and rock crystal play major roles, adding rich gray and reflected color to the setting.
Lyon points to champagne and gray in a German horn sculpture. “They’re a great combination,” she says. “One is warm, and one is cool. They complement each other.” Keep a quiet palette from going too silent by incorporating a variety of materials and textures. For instance, Lyon chose champagne-colored fabric with various weaves for accent pillows.

For a chic, urban attitude, break with beige and opt for turquoise and tangerine.

Interior Designers
Dan and Claudia Levinson

The inspiration
“The Valley is becoming more urban. We’ve got these New York City-inspired lofts that are going up in downtown Scottsdale and Phoenix,” says Claudia Levinson. “This is our take on a fresh, urban look.”

Why this color combo works
“Orange and turquoise have always worked well in the Southwest,” says Claudia Levinson. “This is a new take on the traditional color scheme that’s influenced by the midcentury Modern trend that’s so hot right now and that fits so naturally in the Valley. Bold, bright colors make people feel happy. They can be applied generously in a tailored midcentury home or used as accents to brighten up a traditional-style home.”

When decorating with bold colors, make sure they match in intensity. “If we added a weak color in this setting, it would stand out, and not in a good way,” says interior designer Claudia Levinson. “You can also take a plain color, such as a plain turquoise or plain orange, and make it exciting by using a patterned version of it or accenting it with black or a strong metallic. For example, accenting the orange chair with black really highlights its lines.”
For example, black and white—alone or together—pop against vibrant blues, reds and oranges.
Dan and Claudia Levinson, with dachshunds Penny (left) and Pepper, shared that this combination inspired them to add more color to their own work environment.
When using bright hues as your primary colors, keep secondary colors simple.
“These colors are so bright, you might need a pair of sunglasses to go with them,” jokes Dan Levinson. But you don’t have to decorate an entire room in them. Start with a single chair or some throw pillows.
“You could use the ottoman with a black sofa. The larger you make it, the more it will stand out,” adds Claudia Levinson.

Cool For School


CoCoMilano’s wishes GOOD LUCK to all the kids going back to school!

We know August can be a busy month with back to school activities, so we wanted to give you an opportunity to have some fun with our art workshop on September 24th from 1pm – 3pm!

Join Professional Contemporary Artist Bonnie Pisik as she leads this fun and completely original art workshop. This 2 hour painting class is $40 per person and includes all art materials, light appetizers and wine.

Workshops are limited to 15 people and fill up VERY fast! Reserve your spot now and call CoCo Milano’s at 480-641-2626!


Denise, Cathi &
the CoCo Milano’s Design Team!

Sid Dickens Releases New Fall Collection!

CoCo Milano’s is excited to announce the release of Sid Dickens’ newest “Freedom” collection for Fall!


Sid Dickens’ Freedom Collection is symbolic of his belief for peace and unity in our world, our communities, and our lives. We all strive to unite and promote harmony and acceptance in today’s climate of discord and disengagement with one another. This collection represents the common goal to achieve freedom and tranquility.

The imagery represents Beauty, Love, Togetherness, and Protection; inclusiveness of everyone as a united world community.

Sid 5

Cascading through space and time,
blossoms fall gracefully.
Elegant and pure, faithful to the earth.

Sid 4

Belief in protection for all,
a shield of unity and love. 

Sid 3

There are no limitations to life,
only self-directed boundaries.
Unleash the holds and own your freedom.

Sid 2

Old friend of mine,
thank you for the wisdom and observations.
You are the magician and the prophet of good luck. 

Sid 1

Commitment and togetherness
protect the heart;
I believe in Love.

Come by CoCo Milano’s TODAY and place your order for Sid Dickens’ Fall Freedom Collection!


Denise, Cathi &
the CoCo Milano’s Design Team!

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Denise, Cathi &
the CoCo Milano’s Design Team!

CoCo Milano’s Lands Cover of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine

Curl up with a cup of coffee and substitute your usual Saturday morning paper with Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine! CoCo Milano’s is proud to announce their appearance in Phoenix Home & Garden’s August issue!

On the cover, “Ranch Home Redux” (click here) talks about how building on a previous owners renovations gives new life to a simple suburban house. Starting in the 1980’s, ranch style homes were viewed as boring or lacking creativity. Today, ranch homes are making a great comeback with home buyers lusting over the simplicity in design and bright open spaces. Many people are seeking the ranch home style, but want stylish decor and modern updated appliances, which is exactly what CoCo Milano’s delivered. Fun pops of color were implemented into the design which gave an energized and personalized feel to the home.


CoCo Milano’s Design for Color Your World


Denise Milano

In addition to the cover, we were honored to be asked to partner with four other amazing design firms in the Valley to give you four Southwest looks. The “Color Your World” article (click here) involved four design teams & four color palettes to give you 4 southwest looks to fit any home. For Coco Milano’s design, we were inspired by neutrals found in nature: Blue, Green, Orange and Beige. In the article, Denise discusses how this color palette makes for a timeless look. “The colors or nature instantly give life to a space and make everything feel happy,” says Denise.



Ranch Home Redux


Ranch Home Redux


Ranch Home Redux

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Phoenix Home & Garden today! (click here)


Denise, Cathi &
the CoCo Milano’s Design Team!

Have a Seat- Stay a While

It’s the weekend! Time to kick off those heels, set down the phone, and just Relax for a while! Where’s your favorite space to relax after a long week? Check out these divine sitting spaces for some serious relaxation inspiration!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Gorgeous light and lush fabrics make this room a real treasure to retreat to.

Real Simple

Real Simple

Could this light and bright reading nook be any more perfect? Imagine casually thumbing through your favorite magazine with a chilled glass of wine… Perfection.

Traditional Home

Traditional Home

Maybe a more colorful pallet is what you’re needing? What’s relaxing to some may not be for others, so if you need a bold blast of poppy red to put you in your happy place– then by all means, do it!

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Nothing beats an afternoon spent relaxing by the pool! Breezy and fresh, this citrus inspired space is White Hot and totally Cool!

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Holy Succulent Heaven! Bold geometric pattern and Moroccan inspired furniture make this space the ultimate in luxury relaxation!

Need some help designing a space that is personal, stylish, and relaxing? Stop by CoCo Milano’s today to meet with our team of design professionals and start designing the space of your dreams!


Stars and Stripes Forever!

Looking for a fun and festive way to decorate this 4th of July? Celebrate our nation’s birthday in style with a patriotic color scheme of Red, White, and Blue!

Elle Decor

This fabulously rich foyer sets the tone for a bold American design! The crisp white trim and high gloss finishes help to bring light into the space, keeping the room bright and fresh!

Interior Design Style

Interior Design Style

Its all about pattern play in this charming living space! Bright open windows flood the room with natural light, inviting the outside, in!

Casual Living

Casual Living

There’s really no wrong way to stripe! This lovely space has a subtle patriotic charm that will last far beyond the holiday weekend.

Miss Alice Design

Miss Alice Design

Have we mentioned that we love pattern play?? Check out how harmoniously these different patterns all work together in this gorgeous living space!

Laura Casey Interiors

Laura Casey Interiors

No plans this weekend? Go ahead- Sleep in! We won’t tell! And with a bed like that, how could you not??

Cambell Designs

Cambell Designs

Pass the lemonade please! What a cozy and festive porch!

Patriotic Living

Patriotic Living

Use seasonal throw pillows and accessories to instantly update any space!

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

Looking for more great ideas for making your home 4th of July ready?? Come by CoCo Milano’s today and check out all of our fresh and fabulous furniture and accessories perfect for seasonal or year round design!

Masculinity Making its Mark

Looking to spice things up a bit with a rich new look for your home? Escape the expected, and go for something Masculine and bold! With Father’s Day just the round the corner, we’ve been thinking of all ways to rock a marvelously masculine design!



Comfortable dark colors set the tone for a strong masculine interior design style. Warm browns and cool grays, pair well with softly warn natural leathers and plush velvet to create a timeless feeling of rich elegance



Simple lines and brutal details define and anchor masculine design. Symmetry adds order and balance to a space, while a combination of rich textural contrast and finishes keep the space interesting.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Don’t be afraid to play with color! This palate of cool blues is reminiscent of early European royalty!

Lush Home

Lush Home

Just because a space is masculine, that doesn’t mean it has to be drab! Black lacquer and mirror help bounce light around this gorgeous dining room.



Forget everything you thought you knew about the term “Man Cave”! Like any good design, today’s definition engulfs the basic principles of comfort and functionality.

Home Designing

Home Designing

The bathroom is a fantastic place to showcase a masculine design! Natural woods and cool slate tiles add sophistication while clean lines and geometric patterns make this space anything but boring!



Create a space that is bold and strong but still rich and welcoming! Stop by CoCo Milano’s today and let our team of designers help create the comfortable, functional, masculine design you desire!


Our Philosophy

"We look for things that are both classic and different. We want to offer our customers their own distinct interior design that is second to none."

~Denise Milano

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